History of the Company

The history of the Mahlknecht company started in the year 1964, when the founder Josef Mahlknecht started using his two vans to move people along the old road that connected the villages of Collepietra and Cardano. It was a big luxury to have such a service. Until then, people were used to have a long walk to reach Bolzano city.

Four years later, in 1968, the new road that connected Collepietra and Bolzano directly was finally opened to the public. Clearly, it brought great facilitations to the transport service. It became possible to move students with the first bigger busses of the company.

Just after one year the busses were traveling daily between Collepietra and the city. The company got bigger and bigger, providing more and more services. Finally, in the year 1972 the depot had to be rebuilt.

In the following years, Josef Mahlknecht managed to adapt the services to the growing number of inhabitants and tourists. In 1989 his son, Johannes, became a member of the family business and since then, he makes his maximum effort available for the clients.

In the year 2004, he took full responsibility of the company and transformed it into LTD with sole shareholder.